Preschool Activities and Daily Interactions


What are your hours?
We are open from 7:00am - 6:00pm, Monday-Friday.

What is your holiday schedule?
We follow a modified version of the Bernards Township School District. Our calendar provides a complete list of holidays.

Our preschool program (ages 2½ - 6) runs from September through June, and we also offer a weekly summer camp program.

How are the kids grouped into classes?
In our infant and toddler programs, we group the children by both age and ability. We make sure both you and your child are completely comfortable before moving them up to the next stage.

Children over 2½ are in our preschool program where they are grouped by age and date they will enter kindergarten. All of the children in the class move up to the following class in September as a group.

How large is the group my child would be in?
We follow state ratio guideline in establishing our class sizes.

Our infant class will have no more than 7 children.

Our toddler program maxes out at 12 children with 2 teachers and generally strives to stay below 10 children.

Our teacher to child ratio is 1 to 10 in our 2½-3 and 3-4 year old classes and no more than 12 students per teacher in the pre-kindergarten class.

What will my child be doing on any given day? What is the schedule?
For the infant age, we customize a routine that works with your child’s schedule.

In the toddler program, we begin to develop a class routine that includes centers, learning, art, snacks, large muscle development, and outdoor play.

Each class will start the day with opening activities followed by circle time. Your child’s class will follow a schedule that will include centers, large and small group learning, art, snack, activity room time, and outdoor play. Your child’s schedule will be posted outside his or her classroom, and a copy will be sent home at the beginning of each school year.

Do you offer extracurricular activities?
We have weekly specials such as music, creative movement, gym class, and library time. These specials are included in the cost of your tuition, and do not require a separate sign up or fee.

Additionally, as a convenience to our parents, we offer extra programs such as soccer, sports, and cooking classes during our aftercare program. These classes are provided at a small fee.

How do you discipline children?
Our philosophy on discipline is based on redirection rather than time out or any other of punishment. We want to encourage children to learn how to make the right decisions themselves, rather than being told what to do or not to do. We want children to feel good about working the problem out themselves (with teacher supervision of course). If a child is endangering the welfare of another child in the classroom, the teacher will immediately intervene, take the child or children to the side, and help them resolve their differences.

Is the program developmentally based or does it have an academic focus? What is the advantage to your approach?
We base our program on academic, developmental, and social growth. We believe that a balance of academic, developmental, and social aspects is crucial to a successful preschool program.