Preschool Food and Sleep Information


What kind of food should I bring for my child?
For our infants and toddlers you are welcome to bring whatever type of food you feel comfortable with your child eating. Our staff follow your lead with how you want your child fed.

In our preschool program, we will provide morning and afternoon snacks (you are always welcome to send your own). You may send in a lunch from home or you may purchase a lunch through our catering partner. We can refrigerate and heat food for lunch.

What is the rest schedule?
In the infant room, we work with you on a schedule that fits your child and family’s current needs.

In our toddler and preschool programs, the children lay down for a nap after lunch. Children are not required to sleep, but they will have a quiet time where they can rest or read a book on their cot. We follow the state guidelines for how long a child needs to rest, which varies based on the age of the child.

Where do the children sleep?
Each child has their own crib or cot that they use for nap-time. We provide bedding for all the children. This bedding is washed weekly in free and clean laundry detergent to protect sensitive skin. Children are allowed to bring in a small personal item such as a stuffed animal if it will be of comfort to them during rest time.