Preschool Health, Hygiene, and Safety


Must children be immunized in order to attend?
The state of New Jersey requires us to keep record of each child’s immunizations. If you refuse certain immunizations, you must provide a letter stating that you have a medical or religious reason for refusing those immunizations.

What is your sick child policy?
We are serious about providing a healthy and safe environment. Certain illnesses will prohibit a child from attending preschool until they have recovered completely. Please see the Parent Handbook for more information.

Are the doors secure so strangers cannot just walk in?
Our front door is locked and accessible by individual key code only. All of our doors are locked and equipped with alarms. Security cameras are in each classroom, and at the entrances/exits to the building.

Does the staff have emergency training?
Our staff is both CPR and First Aid certified.

How do you screen your staff?
Each staff member goes through a very thorough screening process, including both reference and background checks.