Infant and Toddler Day Care Program


How old do you have to be enroll in our infant program?
We accept children as young as six weeks of age.

My 2 year old is really advanced. Do you allow children to move to the next class early?
Because of state licensing and fire codes, we cannot let a child move to our preschool program until they are 2½.

Do you provide formula or diapers for the infants?
We do not provide items such as formula or diapers to our children. Each child has such unique needs, and we have found it is best to have the parents provide the items their children need.

Do your teachers have experience giving a bottle to a child who is used to being breastfeed?
All of our infant teacher have experience with how to feed a child who is normally breastfed including paced feeding and proper breast milk storage. You are welcome to send in frozen breastmilk to be stored here or send in fresh milk daily.