Vision & Values

Founded in 2007, Sunshine Preschool & Infant Care offers a high quality preschool program, focused on the intellectual,
social, spiritual and creative development of each child. We give each child a place to learn, grow and create using their unique talents and imagination. Our dedicated, caring teachers support and strengthen each child’s abilities and give them opportunities to expand their horizons through cooperative play, small group instruction, and hands-on learning.


  • High quality programs based around flexible hours and affordable pricing.
  • Educating the whole child by fostering academic development, social skills, developmental milestones, creativity and character development.
  • Experienced, highly-trained teachers and caregivers that engage your child’s curiosity through a variety of new and familiar activities throughout the day.
  • Consistently achieving the highest standards of safety and security are core to who we are and what we offer. Nothing is more important than the security and well-being of the children in our care.
  • A school based, private preschool program that ensures a successful transition from the toddler stage and equips each child with the foundation necessary to thrive in kindergarten.
  • A toddler program that allows children to explore in a safe, hands on environment and support the key milestones of growth and development
  • An infant program that is based on a close relationship between caregivers and families to ensure that the unique needs of each infant are met in a consistent, loving, secure, and caring environment.


Sunshine Preschool & Infant Care is a private, non-profit, Christian based program. We incorporate Bible stories and age-appropriate character trait lessons into our curriculum. The children participate in daily short prayers at snack and meal times and we observe Christian holidays.

Sunshine Preschool accepts students regardless of race, color, religion, national origin and gender.