Preschool Curriculum

We base our program on a crucial balance of academic, social and creative growth. We teach from one of the top award winning curriculum that focuses on six week "studies" allowing the children to explore each of the studies in depth. Additionally, we have weekly themes through which the children learn about the world around them, such as, the seasons, occupations, nature, and animals.

Our preschool curriculum is designed to promote the development of lifelong skills in language, math, communication, science, music, art, social skills, creativity and imagination. It is our goal to equip your child to thrive as they enter their next year of preschool or begin kindergarten.

We utilize both large and small group learning. Large group learning allows students the opportunity to learn how to participate in a group of their peers, teaching essentials like turn taking. The majority of our classroom learning is done in a small group environment. Small group learning allows for children to receive personalized instruction and guidance.

Each classroom is set up to support our program, encouraging the development of large and small motor skills, creativity and imagination through dramatic play and learning to communicate through peer interaction.

We have a music program that promotes an interest in both singing and musical instruments.

Our art program takes place in our art room, and utilizes a variety of techniques and materials, encouraging creativity and expression through each child’s unique perspective.

Our preschool classes take weekly visits to our school Library where children can check out books to bring home.

Physical fitness program held in our gymnasium is specifically designed to promote gross motor skills and muscle coordination.

Special field trips and events on our property are offered throughout the year to reinforce classroom learning.

Students enjoy creative play in our Imagination Room! This fun room models a mini town complete with a house, garage, café, veterinarian clinic, grocery store and cars to ride around the streets. Children enjoy this creative play time!