Lunch & Snacks Program

In our infant and toddler programs, parents provide all the food for their child to account for the wide development differences.

Parents in our preschool program have the option to send in a lunch from home or to order hot lunches from our preschool's partnered catering service. Lunches from home can be refrigerated and heated as needed.

We provide a morning snack to all our preschoolers and an afternoon snack to children who attend our aftercare program. These snacks are items such as crackers, applesauce, carrot sticks, or pretzel. Parents are always welcome to send in a snack from home if they prefer.

We are a peanut free preschool. We take food allergies very seriously, and can accommodate children with allergies.

Children who are enrolled in our Half Day program but wish to stay for lunch are welcome to sign up for our lunch bunch program. This allows the student to stay for the additional ½ hour at a discounted rate.