Safety & Security

Your child’s safety and well-being is our first priority because we understand the incredible trust that you are placing in us. We hold to the highest standards of safety and security as required by state guidelines. The building is secured by locked and alarmed doors accesible only to currently enrolled families with a unique door access code. We maintain constant recorded video security feed of our classrooms, entrance and exit, and we regularly review security procedures with our staff and parents, including risk assessments and disaster response. All teachers must go through a thorough screening process that includes both reference and background checks. 

Sign in and Attendance
Parents sign their children in and out daily, through a computerized check in system that requires a code that is unique to that adult, so that each child's check in and check out is recorded digitally and indicates who checked the child in/out. In the classroom, teachers keep attendance on clipboards they carry throughout the day. Teachers take attendance at every activity throughout the day.

Children are only released to parents or to people that parents have previously designated on their child’s pick up permission list. Anyone coming to the door who is not a parent or guardian must show photo identification before entering the building. Those people on the permission list must show photo identification that matches the information given by the parent, and that person must have their own unique check in/check out code that must be set up in advance with the school office. They will then be escorted to the classroom by a staff member.

Emergency Plans
We take extra measures to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff.  This includes drills to prepare for the types of emergencies we work to prevent.

Fire drills
Sunshine Preschool holds fire drills monthly. We practice lining up, and going outside to a safe area. Attendance is taken, and each room is checked to ensure everyone gets to our outside area safely.

Your child’s health is of utmost importance to us. To ensure we are prepared for any medical situation, our teachers and staff are required to maintain CPR and First Aid certification. We utilize Angelcare baby sensors in cribs to monitor infants’ breathing.

We work closely with parents of children who have food and other allergies to ensure all necessary precautions are taken to protect these children. Our facilities are cleaned on a daily basis by a professional company.